What can MBAs learn from the Wall Street debacle?

This article originally appeared in BusinessWeek. Watching the financial crisis unfold over the last year, I was struck by how utterly tone-deaf the financial-services industry has become to the sentiments of an enraged public. Junior analysts and senior managing directors alike seem to be genuinely perplexed by why their industry is being ambushed about their … [Read more…]

How do I best prepare for an interview?

Now that some of you folks are getting your interview invites, one of the common things I get asked is how to best prepare for an interview. It’s quite simple, if a bit unconventional. Practice talking about your candidacy OUT LOUD. Either talking about it to someone (friend, family member, spouse, dog, cat, hamster, etc.) … [Read more…]

Is taking an ethics oath a good idea?

A recent story about Harvard Business School students taking an oath of business ethics seems to have caught wind with a few media outlets. The Huffington Post picked it up, NPR interviewed two HBS students about it, and even Michael Lewis (“Liar’s Poker”) referenced it on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. In my opinion, I’m all for … [Read more…]

Business as a Service Profession: A Rant

I normally don’t do this, but I felt I should share some of my thoughts about what I’ve seen as a big problem with the whole MBA culture. As expected, I usually get people emailing me their profile, or posting it on the various discussion forums where I post. It’s usually the same fundamental question: … [Read more…]

Why does diversity matter for business school admissions?

I originally wrote the following on the Businessweek forums in response to some understandably emotional private equity guys who just received their dings. ******** I’ll try and explain from the b-school’s point of view how this admissions process works on a macro level – which may give some of you some insight into how it … [Read more…]

What is good writing (at least for business school)?

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten some questions about what makes a good essay. Good writing first and foremost is not about style or polish. I think that’s the biggest disconnect for many people whose office environments are overwhelmingly focused on polish and style that it messes with their notion of what is deemed … [Read more…]

How much does brand matter?

For many applicants, getting that prestigious name on their resume is one of the many reasons why they want an MBA from a top school. But does the brand of your MBA really matter? Like many aspects of b-school, admissions, recruiting, etc. — it all depends. In essence, the pedigree of your education matters more … [Read more…]

How do I best position myself for business school?

Another common inquiry I seem to get on discussion forums are from recent college grads who wonder how to best position one’s self for business school in a few years’ time. If there is one thing, it is to become talented and accomplished at something other than studying or academics. If you haven’t already since … [Read more…]