The following are characters you'd want to avoid being, whether in an actual interview (whether for admissions or jobs) or even in the process of writing the essays. Enjoy!

Mumbai Mumbler (Episode 17)



Backstabber (Episode 16)



Corpse (Episode 15)



Red Bull (Episode 14)



Yes Man (Episode 13)



Charlie Brown (Episode 12)



Rambler (Episode 11)



Gordon Gekko (Episode 10)



Victim (Episode 9)



Space Cadet (Episode 8)



Tony Robbins (Episode 7)



Guantanamo Detainee (Episode 6)


Fresh Off the Boat (Episode 5)


Iron Man (Episode 4)


Rodney Dangerfield (Episode 3)


Stalker (Episode 2)


Corporate Socrates (Episode 1)