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MBA Apply provides a comprehensive array of services designed to maximize your chances of gaining admission to the schools of your choice. Whether you choose a comprehensive package or an hourly service on one specific aspect of your application, all services include an initial assessment so that all feedback and guidance is provided within the context of the whole application. However, please note that MBA Apply is your coach, not your substitute. Under no circumstances will we write your essays or administer your application for you. All prices are quoted in US dollars. Contact MBA Apply now.

Comprehensive Service

The fee is $3,500 for the first school, and $1,500 for each additional school. The service for each school covers the following:

Preparatory – School selection, career guidance, positioning strategy and essay outlining for each school based on a detailed questionnaire that MBA Apply requests all Comprehensive Service clients to complete.

Essays – The applications essays collectively are your monologue to the admissions committee. What you say, how you say it, and why you say it speaks volumes about your candidacy that a resume or GMAT/GPA will not. MBA Apply will provide guidance and unlimited feedback on all essays for each school you sign up for — focusing on the content of your essays that best convey your values, achievements and goals within the context of your entire application for each school. In addition, MBA Apply will edit your essays for grammar and, most importantly tone and cadence that reflects your individual voice.

Resume – Just about every school uses the resume (or some variant to be filled out in their application forms) as an evaluative device and as a snapshot of an applicant’s professional experience and extracurricular activities. Since the resume is often incorporated in some form within a school’s application, it is what many admissions officers see first. MBA Apply will help you edit your resume to ensure that it succinctly and effectively communicates your professional skills and experience.

Recommendation letters – Help you select the right mix of recommenders that complements and strengthens the rest of your application. In addition, MBA Apply will help you put together a game plan for managing your busy recommenders. This includes helping you craft and edit a personalized script for each recommender, determining the correspondence that will be sent to recommenders, and editing the recommendation letters that you drafted, depending on the circumstances of the recommender.

Waitlist – if you are subsequently waitlisted at any school, MBA Apply’s waitlist services are free of charge (includes strategy session and unlimited feedback on waitlist letter)

Feedback and correspondence is conducted via a combination of email (redlined written commentary) and phone, although most of our clients have found that email is usually the most effective means in the majority of circumstances.

Last Minute Review

The fee is $800 per school application, which covers a one-time review of your entire application (form, essays, resume, transcripts, recomendation letters) – overall positioning, content, structure, and writing style. The Last Minute Review is a “sanity check” of a near complete application prior to submission.

Admissions Interview Coaching

Many schools use the interview as another evaluative factor for admission. Whether the interviewer is an admissions officer or an alumni member, MBA Apply will help you best prepare for this crucial step — from what to convey to the interviewer in light of your application and what the school is looking for, to all the conventions such as appropriate dress code and etiquette. The fee is $650 per interview ($500 for clients who have signed up for the comprehensive services), which includes an assessment of your resume and written guide on how to best prepare for the interviews, one 30-minute mock phone interview, and 30-60 minute feedback session immediately after the mock interview (so count on the call to last around 90 minutes).

Ding Analysis

You dedicated months crafting applications to schools that you have dreamt about for years – only to get a curt letter from the admissions committee denying you admission to their school. You can let it stew inside you, wondering what went wrong, or you can get detailed feedback on why you likely got denied admission. MBA Apply provides extensive analysis and insight on key drivers impacting your admissions decision, commentary on the specifics of your submitted application package, and recommendations on what your next steps should be for the following year. The fee is $500 per school application, which includes detailed written feedback (3 – 7 pages single-spaced) on key drivers, application specifics and recommended next steps. *WARNING* The feedback is constructive but may be blunt enough to sting, especially if you are still raw from the admissions decision.

Customized (Hourly) Service

We also offer hourly services at $350 per hour (billed in 15-minute increments) for clients who have signed up on a comprehensive basis for at least one school, and looking for spot check on specific essays or short questions about other schools.

Payment Method and Terms

MBA Apply accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and personal checks (via Paypal). A Service Agreement, questionnaire, and invoice will be emailed to you with a secure link to Paypal, MBA Apply’s transaction provider. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice and payable in US dollars.

Payment terms for all services are payable upon commencement of services.

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