What We Do

MBA Apply is a personalized, no-nonsense admissions consulting service designed to help you get into the world’s top business schools of your choice.

Whether you are a banker or NGO professional, consultant or military officer, engineer or brand manager, international globe trotter or All-American, or someone who has taken an unconventional career and life path — MBA Apply can help you put together strong, cohesive applications that effectively convey who you are as an individual (and not just another worker drone), why your accomplishments are important to you, and how an MBA will help you fulfill your future ambitions.

As you are probably aware, the competition to get into the world’s top programs is intense. Moreover, you have probably read countless articles and discussion forums providing conflicting advice about the key factors for admission and whether you have what it takes to get in.

So what are business schools looking for in the application? In essence, business schools are seeking students that have demonstrated a strong potential to become leaders within their communities — large or small. To effectively lead involves a combination of the following attributes:

  • an aptitude for solving problems in real-world and academic settings;
  • an empathy for diverse viewpoints and circumstances, which is essential for being an effective leader and team player,
  • a sense of forward momentum and progress in their careers and extracurricular interests, and
  • a strong sense of one’s values and priorities.

These attributes are precisely what all business schools are looking for when evaluating applications. This is why there are no absolutes when it comes to GMATs, college grades, work experience, and so forth. MBA Apply can assess your individual situation and help you tailor applications that are uniquely yours — and thus separating yourself from the rest of the jargon-laden and canned responses common in thousands of applications.

For more information contact: alex at mbaapply dot com

Why You Should Choose MBA Apply As Your Consultant

With intense competition for limited spaces, admissions consulting has become an open secret among applicants and admissions officers alike. There are now a number of applications consultants large and small out there offering services to MBA applicants. So why choose MBA Apply?

Higher Value, Personalized Service : MBA Apply only takes on a limited number of clients at a time. This ensures that quality time is spent on providing you guidance and advice that is unique to your situation — and not just providing cookie-cutter, shorthand comments based on your demographic or profession that turn into stock phrases admissions officers have seen thousands of times before. Moreover, regardless of what aspect of the application MBA Apply is helping you out on — whether it is editing your essay, or helping you decide on which recommenders to approach, all consultations are provided within the context of the whole application — because it is the whole that admissions officers evaluate.

Candor : You are paying us to ensure you are putting forth your strongest possible application for business school. It is not fair to you if the consultant is sugar coating his advice. Unlike other consulting services, our consultants will tell you what you need to hear, and not necessarily what you want to hear. MBA Apply prides itself on providing blunt yet constructive feedback throughout the process.

First-Hand Experience : Unlike other larger consulting services, our consultants at MBA Apply have actually applied to, been admitted to, attended, and graduated from the worlds’ top business schools. Our consultants therefore have a tangible appreciation for the applications process and the business school experience which translates into more substantive guidance for you — especially when it comes to helping you convey your reasons for wanting to attend business school in the application.

International Perspective : Our consultants have traveled and interacted extensively with professionals from many cultures outside of the business school applications context. MBA Apply will work with you based on who you are as an individual first, and helping you to avoid the trap of overcompensating for cultural stereotypes within your application. Your nationality or heritage informs your values, but you are more than that.

Standing Out From the Pack : Since our consultants all have prior professional experience in a variety of pre- and post-MBA careers, our consultants understand first-hand the challenges of differentiating one’s self from a crowded applicant pool. Whether you are in finance, consulting, or engineering — MBA Apply actually understands the kinds of projects you worked on, and how to break away from the show-and-tell laundry list more effectively without undermining or ‘dumbing down’ the tone of your communication.

Staying Competitive with the Pool : Unlike other consulting services, our consultants have first-hand experience addressing lower-than-average GMATs, average GPAs, non-traditional pre-MBA occupations and being outside of the ‘preferred age range’ in their very own applications. In other words, our consultants know first-hand that every applicant has concerns and hurdles to address, because they have been there themselves. Like the majority of admitted students at the top schools, most of our clients are highly accomplished yet imperfect individuals.

Inspired Applications : Our consultants at MBA Apply are real people. We are neither cantankerous former admissions officers nor are we an eager-to-please leeches. While we understand that a good rapport between applicant and consultant is no guarantee for admission, it helps to create an inspired application — which is what admissions officers are looking for. Most importantly, he knows that there is no such thing as “inside information” that is privy only to a secret society of admissions officers (and their former brethen) — but that as human beings, opinions differ.

For more information contact: alex at mbaapply dot com