An Alternative to Entrepreneurship

One of the most common aspirations of many MBA applicants and students is wanting to start a business of their own one day. In prior posts, I have cast doubts on whether an MBA is even worth it for aspiring entrepreneurs (at least those who are looking to start a business in the short-term), but … [Read more…]

Is business school worth it?

One of the most basic but important question I get from folks is whether an MBA is worth it (and in particular, a full-time program). The debate seems to have been going on ad infinitum, with sentiment ebbing and flowing with the state of the economy. From a practical standpoint for many folks who are … [Read more…]

Why MBA admission is like getting six-pack abs

As an admissions consultant, what I do in a nutshell is to coach people on their applications – the essays, resume, recommendation letters, application forms, interviews, and just about any issue under the sun that pertains to business school: career goals, business school life, and whether even to bother applying to school at all. In … [Read more…]

How would you differentiate the top schools?

I assume you’ll do your own research, and since there’s so much info out there on the websites, discussion forums, etc. which take a pretty dry approach in comparing schools, I’ve decided to stick with the car analogy – when you strip away all the discussion about GMAT averages, salary stats, career placement profiles, student … [Read more…]

What are the ultimate business school essay questions?

Over the years as an admissions consultant, I’ve worked with all kinds of applicants and seen all kinds of essay questions from a wide array of schools. Some of the questions are certainly enlightening (“what matters most to you and why”) and some are unintentionally comical and ridiculous (“if you were to choose the school … [Read more…]

How do cultural differences impact admissions?

I don’t often write about admissions geared towards specific cultural groups, since the admissions criteria for business schools transcend any nationality or occupation — an applicant needs to have a combination of strong leadership potential (career progression and extracurriculars that over time suggest greater responsibility for teams of people), exceptional communication/interpersonal skills, and analytical aptitude … [Read more…]